Is a Loose Dental Implant an Emergency?

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Got a wobbly dental implant? It’s natural to feel a bit alarmed, especially since implants are known for their durability. If your implant is feeling a little shaky, don’t worry – you’re in the right place to figure out if this a loose dental implant is an urgent issue or not.

Assess the Severity

Here’s the deal: not every loose implant spells emergency. Sometimes, it’s just a slightly loose feeling or a dislodged crown – annoying, but not a crisis. But, if there’s pain, discomfort, or if it’s messing with your eating or talking, that’s a red flag. Persistent pain, swelling, or any hindrance to your daily life means it’s time to call the dentist, pronto.

Immediate Actions for Comfort

If your implant is doing a little dance in your mouth, here’s what to do for now. First, go easy on it – no pressure, no chewing on that side. Keep it clean, but be gentle. This isn’t the time for oral hygiene heroics; it’s about keeping things calm until you can see a professional.

Contact Your Local Dentist

Notice a loose implant? Get on the phone with your dentist. Give them the lowdown – any pain, weird feelings, or changes. They’ll tell you what to do next and might even have you come in ASAP if it sounds serious.

Avoid Self-Adjustments

While you wait for your appointment, don’t play dentist. No DIY fixes, no dental adhesives, and definitely no trying to tighten things up yourself. You could make it worse, and nobody wants that. Leave it to the pros – they’ve got this.

Emergency Dental Visit

If your dentist hits the emergency button, they’ll get you in quickly to check out that implant. They might tighten some screws, replace your dental crown, or do whatever else it takes to get things back to normal.

Speak With An Emergency Dentist In Long Island City

Feeling a wobble in your implant? Don’t sit on it. A loose dental implant can lead to bigger, pricier problems. Keep your smile safe and reach out to us at Queensboro Plaza Dental Care. We’re here to help with any implant worries you’ve got in Long Island City!

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Karoline PammerKaroline Pammer
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Dr. Nguyen and his staff are extremely competent, friendly and professional. He is very thorough and explains everything very clearly. Finally I feel like I am in good hands when it comes to dental care.
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Great overall experience getting a dental cleaning. Very friendly staff, beautifully designed office, and a comfortable experience watching calming Netflix nature programming while in the chair. Complimentary beverages are in the waiting room and so is a little play area for kids.It felt to me that this was a patient-focused family practice as opposed to a cold, corporate dental mill trying to churn through as many patients as possible.I’ll definitely be coming back here for all my dental needs and I highly recommend.
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Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very welcoming and they provide an excellent experience every time I visit. I’ve only been here twice for annual checkups but would definitely consider and recommend this place to anyone who appreciates good customer experience and a very thoughtful approach to making sure that you feel at home. I have some procedures set up for later in the month and I must actually be the only person in the world actually looking forward to a dentist appointment.
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Great place wonderful staff they will be my go too dentist 100%
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Very confident after leaving the office that my teeth are in greatttt hands. Above and beyond patient care. Very informative visits. A sense that they genuinely care about patient concerns. Added helpful guidelines I took home with me to reach dental hygiene goals before my next visits. Highly recommended you leave your old scary dentist ! 😁😁
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