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How Do I Know if I Have a Cavity?

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It’s no secret that tooth sensitivity or aches aren’t pleasant to experience when eating, speaking, or performing other daily activities. Brushing and flossing encourage a healthy and long-lasting smile, but sometimes tooth decay develops anyways. When that happens, tooth decay needs to be addressed as soon as possible so you can avoid a bigger problem. If you’re uncertain if you have a cavity, here are three warning signs to look out for!

1. Tooth Sensitivity

A common sign of a cavity is sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages. When a tooth decays, the layers that protect the tooth wear away, no longer protecting the nerves. If you notice a tingling sensation experienced in one tooth when eating or drinking and sensitive toothpaste doesn’t ease the pain, it’s likely there’s a dental issue that needs to be addressed by your dentist.

2. Tooth Discoloration

If a cavity isn’t large or located in a visible area, it can be hard to tell whether you have one or not. However, as a cavity progresses, its color can indicate the stage of decay. Typically a cavity starts as a white or chalky spot on the enamel and then progresses to grey, brown, or black.

3. Dental Abscess

Notice an abscess on or near your tooth? You likely had an underlying cavity that waited too long to be addressed. Abscesses can cause pain, fever, and spread to other parts of the mouth when not adequately taken care of. If left too long they often require a restorative treatment other than a filling.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Long Island City

While these signs point to a cavity, sometimes cavities don’t always show signs! Instead of waiting to experience sensitivity or other unpleasant dental sensations, keep up with regular dental visits. The Queensboro Plaza Dental Care professional team works to ensure that your natural smile stays around as long as possible. We offer various services for patients to select from. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!

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Karoline PammerKaroline Pammer
20:52 30 Mar 22
Dr. Nguyen and his staff are extremely competent, friendly and professional. He is very thorough and explains everything very clearly. Finally I feel like I am in good hands when it comes to dental care.
Matt SmithMatt Smith
21:18 05 Feb 22
Great overall experience getting a dental cleaning. Very friendly staff, beautifully designed office, and a comfortable experience watching calming Netflix nature programming while in the chair. Complimentary beverages are in the waiting room and so is a little play area for kids.It felt to me that this was a patient-focused family practice as opposed to a cold, corporate dental mill trying to churn through as many patients as possible.I’ll definitely be coming back here for all my dental needs and I highly recommend.
Sundup SherpaSundup Sherpa
22:07 02 Feb 22
Dr. Nguyen and his staff are very welcoming and they provide an excellent experience every time I visit. I’ve only been here twice for annual checkups but would definitely consider and recommend this place to anyone who appreciates good customer experience and a very thoughtful approach to making sure that you feel at home. I have some procedures set up for later in the month and I must actually be the only person in the world actually looking forward to a dentist appointment.
Jayrockem GottemJayrockem Gottem
21:27 09 Nov 21
Great place wonderful staff they will be my go too dentist 100%
shawaf alishawaf ali
22:08 26 Aug 21
Very confident after leaving the office that my teeth are in greatttt hands. Above and beyond patient care. Very informative visits. A sense that they genuinely care about patient concerns. Added helpful guidelines I took home with me to reach dental hygiene goals before my next visits. Highly recommended you leave your old scary dentist ! 😁😁
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